Home physiotherapy

FysioPai home-based physiotherapy service- TIPS and GUIDELINESbeebi

  • first session is longer in duration, about 35-50 minutes
  • revisit in normally about 35-40 minutes
  • for physiotherapy choose a time of a day, when Your child is most active
  • children, who have had a nap before, enjoy physical activity more
  • 30-45 minutes should be past from the last meal
  • choose clothes for Your child, that allow him/her to move freely
  • place a blanket on the floor, to create a space where is comfortable to exercise with the baby
  • we wish to involve and advise parents during the session as much as possible
  • our physiotherapist will teach You some exercises that You can do with Your baby

Secret ingredients of exploring the world: sleep, food and dry nappy!