Pediatric physical therapy

We, FysioPai physiotherapists Eliia and Monika, have five kids in total, so we know the stress of arriving to doctor’s appointments on time all too well

Thus we have created a service that brings physiotherapy to your home with as little stress as possible. 

Duration of the first visit is 35-50 min and the next visits are up to 35-40 min. To prepare for the physiotherapy session, please create a nice place on the floor, where we can exercise with your baby.

Please contact us, if your baby 

-is aged between 2months and 1,5years 

-is having difficulties with learning a new motor skills (eg turning, crawling, walking etc)

-is having noticeable muscle tension (eg difficult to extend the arms while dressing) or reduction in muscle tone (eg prefers to lay on his back and observe instead of actively playing, has difficulties holding his head or pushing himself up off the floor)

or you would just like to learn how to support your baby’s physical development and relax your baby.